Careers Guide

Tourism Information Officer

What people in this role do:

  • Provide information to local residents, tourists, visitors, and other tourism industry colleagues
  • Supply literature and information on local, interstate and international tours and places of interest
  • Discuss and assist clients with travel arrangements and suggest possible destinations, travel routes, accommodation and attractions
  • General clerical and office duties including: organise travel documents, make travel and accommodation bookings and collect payments
  • Sell souvenirs and merchandise, maintain literature / brochure stocks and be responsible for presentation of information centres
  • Work with travel agents and tour operators in preparing itineraries for tourists

Your chances of success will be better if you have:

  • Interpersonal and people skills
  • Good organisational, communication and customer service skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Knowledge of local area
  • School Certificate

The Future

  • Employment for minimum of one year
  • Employment areas include: travel agencies, government tourism authorities,


  • Attractions and Theme Parks
  • Natural and Heritage destinations
  • Events, Sales and Marketing
  • For more options see


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